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At Campbells Works, our grills are built to last. We use high-grade steel to create quality products and offer them to you at an affordable prices to make sure you stay within your budget.
Plus, we're happy to accept custom orders to meet your needs.

Mini Grill

Chances are even if you rarely grill, you'll be grilling somewhere this upcoming holiday weekend. And if you're stuck on a sidewalk or small rooftop and aren't ready to commit to a Grillworks behemoth, these mini grills could be just what you need.

Mini grills aren't designed to cook a lot of food - these are really ideal for small affairs where a large grill isn't an option. They are also great for entertaining - some work right on a tabletop as a functional centerpiece (a place to keep things warm) or a station for guests to grill their own shish-kabobs.

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